Advanced Analysis & Models

Understanding passenger choice and demand is one of the primary concern for new route decisions for airports and airlines.

There is no one-fits-all solution on the market, but we have an extensive experience using all types of industry data and best-in-class statistical regression methodologies to assist you implementing the best fit solution for your data and your business.

  • wuita Route Forecast – an advanced Passenger choice model using multiple variables, Accurate market segmentation and Calibration, Integration into any BI and data environment, Modelling the effects of Leakage
  • Business Intelligence solution design – Data blending & cleansing, KPI design and evaluation, Dashboard creation in Excel, Tableau, Qlikview
  • Market Intelligence solution selection – RFP management, Data quality evaluation for your market, Selection support

Professional Route Forecast methodology

We have created a powerful methodology to forecast the effect of schedule changes on demand and accurately assess the traffic impact of new routes on existing services as well as Ground Leakage. Our model includes a Connection Builder at origin & at destination to adjust flight scenarios to the optimum possible Day of Week and Time of Day setup.


forecast-modelCalibrated – one model per O&D market to minimise estimation errors

calibrationGoing beyond regular QSI analysis




We have invested in an ambitious R&D project to designing a method that integrates fully with any conventional statistical databases such as BSP, MIDT data, in-house stats as well as schedules data, and makes best use of geo-localisation data from Skyscanner Travel Insight

  • Easy to implement – runs in Excel
  • Unique to your market – fully calibrated to your market behaviour, so you don’t implement the same model if you are in Buenos Aires or in Amsterdam!
  • Compatible with all data providers for traffic / schedule data
  • Scalable – as efficient for a mega Hub as it is for a small regional market
  • Good value for money – a smart algorithm doesn’t necessary means expensive proprietary technology, we keep your cost low!